2023, July 3-4. Palaiseau. Third scientific meeting of metasimfood project.

The meeting was organised by Sayfood partner in the brand new AgroParisTech building in Palaiseau. These two days were focussed on the milestone around the construction of the food models and construction of artificial microbial communities. We are glad that this important milestone is validated. The project will now enter a more ambitious phase, implementing synthetic ecology strategies to model microbial interactions in the project's two models (wine and fermented vegetables). the meeting was punctuated by a very pleasant dinner at the living-room in Palaiseau.




2023, March 27-29. Paris. Kick-off meeting of the HorizonEU project DOMINO.

Three metasimfood partners (Micalis, Sayfood and MaIAge) were present at the kick-off of this great EU project on the role of fermented food in sustainable and healthy diets. Over 50 scientists from 19 partners and 10 countries were gathered to initiate the first tasks. (website: https://www.domino-euproject.eu/).




2023, January 12. Illkirsh (near Strasbourg). 1st annual meeting of metasimfood project.

The meeting was organised by Aérial partner and began the evening before, with a very convivial dinner in an emblematic "brasserie" in front of the cathedral; then by a hard day's work on the site of Aérial in Illkirsch. This day was organised around the assessment of the work of WP1: construction of the food models and WP2: construction of artificial microbial communities and to start the planning of the work of WP3: ecological network modelling; which will start in 6 months. During lunch break, metasimfood partners were able to enjoy a guided tour of the impressive infrastructure (Feerix), unique in Europe, allowing advanced R&D in the field of decontamination with the Rhodotron (electron accelerator).




2022, October 27. Rennes. Festival of fermented vegetables and Science.

The first results of the FLEGME project (coordinated by Florence Valence; partner6 of metasimfood) were presented to the general public and to FLEGME participants of this citizen science-based festival. Additional conferences were held on fermented vegetables by scientists and journalists. For more informations and videos (in French) : https://www.vegepolys-valley.eu/projet-flegme/les-1ers-resultats/festival-de-la-fermentation/




2022, September 22-25. Illkirsh (near Strasbourg). The biggest French fair on Fruits & vegetables

During the whole week-end, Aerial scientist held an information stand for the general public. Several activities were proposed around the fermentation of foods. Quiz about fermentation, the role of microbes and sensorial experiments were organized. Debates and exchanges were done between the public and the scientist on recipes and practices for home-made fermented vegetables and water kefir.